Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's a HOT Mess

And not because it was over 100 degrees outside this weekend.

I work part time at a YMCA, and this time of year, there are children everywhere, all the time! The Y has camps all summer long, and with camps, there are craft supplies. I was like to rummage through them (as I usually do when I get bored) to see what they have and what the kiddos are making. I came around a plastic bag of....well of a HOT MESS! Take a look and judge for yourself.

Yeah, that's what I said! This picture really doesn't do it justice, it was worse than it looks.
I had a few hours to burn since apparently no one wanted to come out in the heat to workout so I dove right in and got to work....untangling.
Once I got some of it done, I needed some way to get it organized and possibly prevent it from happening again.
I found some old pieces of card stock, and cut them into little squares, and then cut a little slit on the one side.

Then I just cut little notches out of each side, so then it kind of looked like an "I".

Kind of like the ones you buy in the store, only not as neat LOL but a lot cheaper, and just as effective.
I worked on it for a couple of hours on Friday....

Recruited some help from a co worker on Saturday afternoon (when I went back to work), and finished it up.

Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself at this point.

I had a lot of short pieces that I just tossed, and I had to double up on some of the colors, because I ran out of cards.
When I went into work yesterday (my daughter had swim practice) I saw them sitting on high on a shelf totally away from the kids (along with the beads that I sorted the weekend before -I get bored)...LOL...I guess they don't want them to mess it up again.

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