Friday, April 27, 2012

Foto Friday # 10- A Corner Of My Desk

It's safe to assume that purple is my favorite color. The square container holds paper clips, the little round one has change in it (for the vending machine), and if you look in the back where the markers are, you can see my diamond encrusted (gumball machine) ring HAHAHA. Oh and YES, there is a Zebra hugging my tape. I found him at a thrift store many moons ago!

Here are some close-ups:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Working On Now

Nothing major these days. I had been thinking bout making a dish towel after I saw this post. I have one (store bought) that I use all the time, literally wash an reuse, and it shows....this is well over due.

I originally was going to use a waffle stitch, but then I saw this,and really liked the way it looked. So I just aded a few more chains and went to work. Color choice...well again I already had two-ish balls of this orange yarn, so why not, right? It's Knitpicks Shine Sport in Cementine, and I think I will trim it with the yellow up in the corner of the above photo. It is also Knitpicks, Comfy in Crème Brulee. I think I might run out....bummer....I will have to order more yarn. LOL

I also pick out my yarn for my next amigurumi project. It was on sale for $1 each!

I basically got one o each color hey had left (except the creme, I already had that one) then I was back in the store for something else and added a couple of more colors.

I think I can name them all: Soft Ecru, Hot Green, Light Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Blue, Mod Green, Lavender (Scents), Yellow, and Hot Pink. Dang, that was some work, I don't have the yarn with me while I'm doing this post. Anyway....kind of excited to get started o his one.


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Over the Weekend

It was my Birthday!!

I started on Thursday night by having dinner with some friends (one of which had a birthday this week also) and the kiddos. Then Dinner on Friday night - grownups only. By the time Saturday (my actual birthday) rolled around I needed a nap and cookies for breakfast. :)

Best Cookies Ever

After I got off work I went to get my very first pedicure ever....I have always heard how great they are, but  I'm still deciding what I think about it.There was a lot of "put your foot in, take your foot out" going on. But I love the color.

I got the same color on my nails. I also found out that there is actually  name for the shape that my nails is called Eggshell...makes total sense, they do curve just like an egg.

Then my son and daughter took me to see The Hunger Games....finally. I told them that we couldn't see it, until I finished the book. I finally finished it! Afterwards, they even took me to Baskin Robins for ice cream. Let me just say that lactose is not a friend of mine! But I figured it I couldn't eat ice cream on my birthday, then when? :) Chocolate Chip for me please!

After all that I went to use a couple gift cards, I got some cute earring and a new pair of very over priced sunglasses.
Both pair picked out by my son

In my favorite color...purple

It was raining and chilly all weekend (and today too) so I never once got to show off my toes :(
Anyway on Sunday I started a new project...don't know exactly what I am going to do with them yet, I'm thinking Charm bracelet....maybe?

I just covered one side with masking tape, and used acrylic paint on the other side. For the lighter colors, I had to use white first then painted the color over it. Uh, yeah, that is a PNC Bank cutting board (from a Christmas gift basket at wok) that I use to drill holes. LOL

Pretty Colors

Then I coated them with a vanish so they would be kind of shiny. I used my Mini Rotary to put the holes in the top then attached jump rings.

Not totally sure where I got this from, but I comes it handy
Once I actually make them to something I will post pictures. The best part this little project, I had everything on hand. Zero dollars far. :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Foto Friday # 9 - Issues Much!?

YES they are my jellybeans, YES I did divide them up like that, YES I did it while I was at work, YES I was avoiding real work by any means necessary, YES I will only eat them my color, and won't move to another color until the first in gone. YES there were only that many watermelon ones in the entire bag (far right - red). YES it was intentional that the orange ones did not have a container...the orange ones are gross! I gave them to a co-worker. HeeHee

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pressing Pause

Usually after I make something stuffed (amigurumi) like this and this I have to give my hands and wrist  break. Since I basically made those two back to back...I was in some serious need to halt all crocheting activity. I have Tendonitis in both hands (I think the right one is a bit worse). And it really makes crocheting a little tough at times, OK a lot tough most of the time :( Anyway I pressed the pause button on crocheting for this week. Which brings me to the real topic of this post....

I found this felt "card holder" for a buck in the Michael's dollar bins. I am the worst about going to meetings and NOT having a business card, so maybe this will help. This is so simply made, I could do it, but it was only a buck!

It was a little plain for my taste though. So I had an idea....

Felt (Zebra Print an Neon Green), Embroidery Floss (DMC #704), a small black button(no pictured), and Velcro Dots!

I drew a picture of a big flower and a much smaller one on paper and then cut them out (I am sure you could find one online and print it out). The big one in the zebra and the small one in the green.

                                                                      Cute, huh?

Here is what I did to the inside:

I was kind of worried about how flat it would be once I add the Velcro, but it turned out great!

I am by no means good at the whole embroidery thing, u I figure if I keep trying, I can't get anything but better, right?

After I finished I went through some withdraws....the result:

Yeah, more squares and some aching wrists (and thumbs). I can be so hard-headed sometimes :)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Milton....You Slowpoke!

This is Milton....he's from Stacey Trock's latest book.

I have had this book for awhile now and probably look at it everyday. I took me forever to decided what I wanted to make first. I was stuck on the Giraffe, the Snake, and this little guy. HE WON!

I think what I like best about Stacey's (because we are on a first name basis...haha, not really) book, is that she tells you exactly where to attach the parts. I always have a hard time determining that, and have to ask my son over and over again, "Does this look right?" When he goes to college in the fall, I'll be screwed. LOL

So here is Milton in all his Glory....

Milton the Snail

Uh, he actually has a mouth in the book, but, I couldn't seem to get it to look right, so I left it off. If you don't know, I think he is still pretty cute. Now he just needs to find a home. :)

Yarn Used: Red Heart in Buff and Caron Simply Soft in Sage Green

On Sunday, I put in some time on the small granny blanket (take about slow motion...see what I did there?)
I made a few more circles and actually weaved in the ends at the same time.

This is usually what I work on Friday nights when I am at job # 2, but it took a back seat for a couple of weeks while I worked on the bunny for Easter.

I started to run low on yarn worries though, I have plenty of not so scrappy skeins to bust into.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink

On Easter Sunday, my daughter looked so cute in her pink cardi. You can't really see it in that picture, but she had a big pink flower in her hair. I was probably as big as her head, so I put it in the back.

It was a simple destruct and restruct project, that took no time at all (my favoritest kind). I saw this flowers in Michael's (on sale for a buck):

I didn't really like the big yellow center....

In comes the glue gun (don't judge my glue gun, I bought it back when I move back to KY...17 years ago), scarpbooking gems (uh, I am not a scrapbooker, but I really like pretty papers and gems), and hair clips (from The Plaid Barn).

First i cut the flower from the stem, then I cut the yellow center off. Of course by doing that there was nothing holding the petals together, so I put a dot of glue between each layer (on two sides). The I used hot glue to glue the gem to the center, and to glue the flower the the clip.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Assembly Required

Well more like a lot required!
There are 2 legs, two arms, and an ear....
(after i took this picture I realized one arm was longer than the other...LOL)

There is a head with bobby pins where the eyes should be....

Once I had all the parts done, I stuffed and began the stitching together part. I took him to work with me (the YMCA) and it was interesting that the parents were all super interested and the children were a little weirded out about it. So, I tired to always have the head sitting on top well he was sitting out. It kept falling off. It was pretty funny, well funny to me, not so much for the little people.

Can you tell what it is yet?

How about now? He just needs a nose and a mouth!
Ta Dah! Yep the Easter Bunny!

My daughter carried him around all day yesterday, I think he came out pretty cute. Then, it dawned on my at the end of the day....I forgot to give him a tail. So tonight I will make one up real quick. :)

Pattern is from Caron

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