Monday, April 16, 2012

Milton....You Slowpoke!

This is Milton....he's from Stacey Trock's latest book.

I have had this book for awhile now and probably look at it everyday. I took me forever to decided what I wanted to make first. I was stuck on the Giraffe, the Snake, and this little guy. HE WON!

I think what I like best about Stacey's (because we are on a first name basis...haha, not really) book, is that she tells you exactly where to attach the parts. I always have a hard time determining that, and have to ask my son over and over again, "Does this look right?" When he goes to college in the fall, I'll be screwed. LOL

So here is Milton in all his Glory....

Milton the Snail

Uh, he actually has a mouth in the book, but, I couldn't seem to get it to look right, so I left it off. If you don't know, I think he is still pretty cute. Now he just needs to find a home. :)

Yarn Used: Red Heart in Buff and Caron Simply Soft in Sage Green

On Sunday, I put in some time on the small granny blanket (take about slow motion...see what I did there?)
I made a few more circles and actually weaved in the ends at the same time.

This is usually what I work on Friday nights when I am at job # 2, but it took a back seat for a couple of weeks while I worked on the bunny for Easter.

I started to run low on yarn worries though, I have plenty of not so scrappy skeins to bust into.

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