Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Assembly Required

Well more like a lot required!
There are 2 legs, two arms, and an ear....
(after i took this picture I realized one arm was longer than the other...LOL)

There is a head with bobby pins where the eyes should be....

Once I had all the parts done, I stuffed and began the stitching together part. I took him to work with me (the YMCA) and it was interesting that the parents were all super interested and the children were a little weirded out about it. So, I tired to always have the head sitting on top well he was sitting out. It kept falling off. It was pretty funny, well funny to me, not so much for the little people.

Can you tell what it is yet?

How about now? He just needs a nose and a mouth!
Ta Dah! Yep the Easter Bunny!

My daughter carried him around all day yesterday, I think he came out pretty cute. Then, it dawned on my at the end of the day....I forgot to give him a tail. So tonight I will make one up real quick. :)

Pattern is from Caron

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  1. I totally love how you created your bunny! The stripes just makes him more desirable! Love him!

    Seen on iCrochet*