Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Working On Now

Nothing major these days. I had been thinking bout making a dish towel after I saw this post. I have one (store bought) that I use all the time, literally wash an reuse, and it shows....this is well over due.

I originally was going to use a waffle stitch, but then I saw this,and really liked the way it looked. So I just aded a few more chains and went to work. Color choice...well again I already had two-ish balls of this orange yarn, so why not, right? It's Knitpicks Shine Sport in Cementine, and I think I will trim it with the yellow up in the corner of the above photo. It is also Knitpicks, Comfy in Crème Brulee. I think I might run out....bummer....I will have to order more yarn. LOL

I also pick out my yarn for my next amigurumi project. It was on sale for $1 each!

I basically got one o each color hey had left (except the creme, I already had that one) then I was back in the store for something else and added a couple of more colors.

I think I can name them all: Soft Ecru, Hot Green, Light Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Blue, Mod Green, Lavender (Scents), Yellow, and Hot Pink. Dang, that was some work, I don't have the yarn with me while I'm doing this post. Anyway....kind of excited to get started o his one.


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  1. You have choosed really lovely yarns. Yummie, so delicate colors :)

  2. Your dish towel will be beautiful!

    I followed you from WIP Wednesdays and here is my WIP: