Monday, April 23, 2012

Over the Weekend

It was my Birthday!!

I started on Thursday night by having dinner with some friends (one of which had a birthday this week also) and the kiddos. Then Dinner on Friday night - grownups only. By the time Saturday (my actual birthday) rolled around I needed a nap and cookies for breakfast. :)

Best Cookies Ever

After I got off work I went to get my very first pedicure ever....I have always heard how great they are, but  I'm still deciding what I think about it.There was a lot of "put your foot in, take your foot out" going on. But I love the color.

I got the same color on my nails. I also found out that there is actually  name for the shape that my nails is called Eggshell...makes total sense, they do curve just like an egg.

Then my son and daughter took me to see The Hunger Games....finally. I told them that we couldn't see it, until I finished the book. I finally finished it! Afterwards, they even took me to Baskin Robins for ice cream. Let me just say that lactose is not a friend of mine! But I figured it I couldn't eat ice cream on my birthday, then when? :) Chocolate Chip for me please!

After all that I went to use a couple gift cards, I got some cute earring and a new pair of very over priced sunglasses.
Both pair picked out by my son

In my favorite color...purple

It was raining and chilly all weekend (and today too) so I never once got to show off my toes :(
Anyway on Sunday I started a new project...don't know exactly what I am going to do with them yet, I'm thinking Charm bracelet....maybe?

I just covered one side with masking tape, and used acrylic paint on the other side. For the lighter colors, I had to use white first then painted the color over it. Uh, yeah, that is a PNC Bank cutting board (from a Christmas gift basket at wok) that I use to drill holes. LOL

Pretty Colors

Then I coated them with a vanish so they would be kind of shiny. I used my Mini Rotary to put the holes in the top then attached jump rings.

Not totally sure where I got this from, but I comes it handy
Once I actually make them to something I will post pictures. The best part this little project, I had everything on hand. Zero dollars far. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! :)
    Those little wooden disks look fantastic! I think I want some! Those colours totally work for the S/S'12 look. You could even use them as interchangable earrings, or on a necklace... Whatever you do, I'm sure it will look amazing. :)

    1. OOooo! I was kindof thinking earrings too! :0