Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pressing Pause

Usually after I make something stuffed (amigurumi) like this and this I have to give my hands and wrist  break. Since I basically made those two back to back...I was in some serious need to halt all crocheting activity. I have Tendonitis in both hands (I think the right one is a bit worse). And it really makes crocheting a little tough at times, OK a lot tough most of the time :( Anyway I pressed the pause button on crocheting for this week. Which brings me to the real topic of this post....

I found this felt "card holder" for a buck in the Michael's dollar bins. I am the worst about going to meetings and NOT having a business card, so maybe this will help. This is so simply made, I could do it, but it was only a buck!

It was a little plain for my taste though. So I had an idea....

Felt (Zebra Print an Neon Green), Embroidery Floss (DMC #704), a small black button(no pictured), and Velcro Dots!

I drew a picture of a big flower and a much smaller one on paper and then cut them out (I am sure you could find one online and print it out). The big one in the zebra and the small one in the green.

                                                                      Cute, huh?

Here is what I did to the inside:

I was kind of worried about how flat it would be once I add the Velcro, but it turned out great!

I am by no means good at the whole embroidery thing, u I figure if I keep trying, I can't get anything but better, right?

After I finished I went through some withdraws....the result:

Yeah, more squares and some aching wrists (and thumbs). I can be so hard-headed sometimes :)

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