Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bumper Pad....

Still on my Scrap/Stash Buster mission (see the first project here)....I decide to make  laptop cover for my daughter. Let me just say, it is long over due. She carrys it in a little tote bag that has zero cushion, and every time she walks through a doorway, "BANG". It's the strangest thing. I cringe every time  hear it. So let's just say it is much needed.

The color choice is a little goofy, but I picked them, because one they were the same weight, and brand, and amount. Then I used this Random Stripe Generator....I love that tool!

She kept asking me when I was gonna be finished with it, so I guess she doesn't mind the colors either.

I used elaastic to help keep it closed. I saw the idea here first. I used what I had on hand but as soon as I can find some that is thicker, I will switch it out.

My son suggested adding a strap to it.....Good idea, let's put that on the to do list. :)

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