Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forever February....

For this to be the shortest month of the year, it is taking forever to end!

I thought when you are super busy, time is supposed to fly by? Maybe it because I have been so busy this month I have been anticipating the end. Here's the run down:
January 27-28 - Son's College Audition #1 - University of KY
February 3-4 - Daughter's Swim Meet
February 10-11 - Son's College Audition #2 - University of TN
February 18 - Daughters Swim Meet
February 25 - Son's College Audition #3- Morehead State University
March 2-4 - Daughter's State Swim Meet
That's not including the second job and and swim team practice three times a week and Percussion lessons once a week.

I am taking a mini STAYCATION when it is all over. :) Of course I wouldn't change a thing, I mean, what the heck else would I be doing???

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