Monday, June 11, 2012

Made My Day

I came home yeserday from getting my hair cut, and my dughter handed me this:

LOL...and if that wasn't enough, she lead me to the kitchen where she gave me this:

Totally made my day! She (my daughter) took little crackers and made me peanut butter sandwiches (I ate them at lunch today). I kept waiting for her to ask me for something (usually that's how it works), but she never did, this time it was just becasue. :)

Anyway, School is out, but we still have to stay on top of reading and writing...math too! The teacher sent home a list of 247 high frequency words from the past school year...yeah 247.

She took a test on these words at the beginning of the school year (well the bginning for her, she changed schools in September). The ones highlighted in yellow are the ones she missed, then they took it again in January, the one with checks are the ones she got right the second time. I think she ended up with only 13 that she missed both times.
So I decided so make flashcards! I found these index cards at Office Depot, already cut in half. I wish I could say that I cut them myself, but....the uncut ones were $1.57 and the cut ones were $1.87. Thirty cents was so worth it. LOL

So I got out the hole punch, one of those binder ring thingys, and a sharpie (not pictured) and went to work. Good time waster, and crazy simple.

I even gave it a front and back cover. Had to give it a cute factor :)

I added blank cards on the end to add words that she misspells when she is doing her creative writng (more on that later this week)

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