Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Writing

I'm still on my summer learning kick for my daughter, I went online and found (Pinterest, duh) a lot of different creative writing prompts. I printed and cut them up into long strips and folded them up.

Uh, now I need somewhere to store them...I'm sure I have a container laying around somewhere...LOL

Yep, a Pringles's one of the short ones.

Grabbed some scrapbook paper (this one is called DOODLE, thought it was fitting) and my little paper cutter. I also got these cute precut flowers from Michael's clearance dollar bins, I think I paid 40 cents for it.

I was going to glue the paper to the container, but double sided tape was so much easier and faster. And I'm all about fast and easy... That didn't sound right :)

Pretty cute, huh?

All of the slips of paper fit inside perfectly

Layered the flower (which was easy considering I had all the pieces in one package) and stuck it on the center of the container.

I even added a little ribbon around it.

Another container redo under my belt. :) I think it is so cute, that my daughter wan to write, so she can use the container. Score one for Momma.

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  1. Really cute to watch all that :)
    I want to eat Pringles now, feeling a bit hungry for them.
    Prompts box became so beautiful in the end!