Thursday, March 8, 2012

One At A Time, Please!

I have never been a afghan maker...way to much time involved and I bore super easy. I really always want to make one or two, but the thought makes my head I don't.

I was at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago (she's a knitter) and she showed me all the things she was working on (there had to be 5 or 6 of them). I couldn't believe it! Then she said the same thing I'm always thinking, "I bore to easy to just work on one thing." Hmmmmm....I never work on more then one project at a time, NEVER! I have to finish one before I go onto another. I think it's an organization issue, I am not a fan of stuff just sitting around "unfinished". Maybe that is why I can't commit to a blanket.

Light Bulb. Yep it's hovering over the top of my head right now.....

So I decided to start on a couple or three projects all at the same time. Say it ain't so, heehee. Super crazy for me. I know and read about people having multiple projects going, and I always am in amazement that they do it. So this past week I have had the pillow going (check it out here and here). I also started a corner granny blanket. I don't have pictures of it yet, but here is the link for the pattern. Then I also started a circle in a square granny blanket, that probably will never be done. Check out the pictures below.

Uh so, this theory only works if I actually work on all the projects. LOL. I found myself just working on one, and looking at the others feeling guilty because they were unfinished. Way to stressful! This crochet thing is suppose to be fun, right? Soback I go to one at a time. Although I didn't really give myself enough time to adjust to the idea...maybe I will try again later, not today, nope not today. :)

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  1. muy bonitos los grannys,! espero ver pronto el resultado de ellos,,besos!