Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Duct Tape And A Little Magic

Not that kind of Magic, this kind:

It's a card game that my son plays. Some days, he will randomly send me a text from school saying that he and some friends are playing and that he is winning. Of course my reply text is always...."What class are you in right now?" It's usually something like Pottery or Keyboarding so I just let it go. :)

Anyway, the box that they came in was pretty worn out from being carried around in his pocket,so he asked me to make him a new one. It always cracks me up, that my kids think I can make anything. After I gave it some thought, I took the box apart and traced it onto a file folder, folded it up, and then added duct tape to make it sturdy. 

I didn't put a top on it at first. That took another day to decide how I wanted it to close. I cut the top flap out separately and covered it in duct tape, the added it to the box. Attached Velcro dots, and it was done.

I probably could have done a better job at hiding the seams, but oh well.

My son seems to be happy with it!

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