Monday, May 21, 2012

New Bracelets

I am such a bracelet junkie....although I only wear them in the warm weather months. There's something about long sleeves and a bracelet, that gets tucked under, and is never seen, that bothers me. :-)

So my first bracelet day of the year was Saturday, and that just got me in the mood to make more. Because clearly I don't have enough. hahaha!

And of course being all about some Pinterest, I saw and pinned this, and figured it could just be make a smaller version for a bracelet.

About a year ago I bought a ton of these beads on clearance for about 50 cents each and I had plenty of thread leftover from making ruffled socks for my daughter (I will have to show those on another day). I was ready! In her tutorial, I think she made single strands and then grouped them together....but I was being super (and I mean super) lazy yesterday, so when I got the first strand done, I realized the scissors where on the other side of the room, and I didn't wanna get up to get them....I know, I know... #don'tjudgeme :-) Anyway, it actually worked out great. I just slipped stitched back and started a new strand. So all of my strands are connected to each other.

This picture is rather crappy, sorry

The only clasps I have on hand are sliver, so I had to go into Michael's to get some more.
I really like the way they turned out, so much so, I think I am going to make more.

These pictures really don't do them justice.

 I found this purple thread in my stash, and these beads at Wal Mart for a buck!

Here is what I did:

Add 100 beades to the thread (if you want more strands, add more beads in the beginning)
Chain  8
Add 1 bead, chain 1, until I had 20 beads (I have super tiny wrists, so small in fact that I can not wear bangles...ever. All my bracelets are the elastic ones, like I'm a kid). You will probably need to add more
Chain 8
Slip stitch down the other side 8 stitches
Add 1 bead, chain 1, until I had 20 beads
Slip stitch down the side 8 stitches, turn and slip stitch downt he other side 8 stitches
And repeat

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  1. I would love to try something like this.

    1. Haha, I say the same thing about sewing

  2. Visiting from Ginny's... Very cute bracelets! My daughters would love this. :)

    Happy creating,


    1. Thanks. My daughter loves them too..I made mini ones for her.

  3. I love wearing bracelets and this is such an awesome project. Even great for stash busting! I'll definitely give this a try, thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm here from Ginny's! These bracelets are super cute! I'll have to try it at some point! How do you tie them?

    1. The mini two strands ones I made for my daughter, I just left the tail and tied them around her wrist. The ones in this post, I attached a clasp to them.

  5. oh - I am so going to have do these for my little ones! What a great idea thank you so much for sharing.


  6. Love your bracelets. Crochet plus bling is awesome in my book!

  7. Your bracelets are very pretty!

    Greetings from Holland,